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Text or Call GCC at (336) 303-0637‬!
Text or Call GCC at (336) 303-0637‬!

Dyno Tune License

The Power Vision Tune License Program is a provision that will allow a customer to tune multiple HD motorcycles with a single Power Vision. Each vehicle, or more specifically each ECM will require a unique Power Vision Tune License that needs to be "applied" to the Power Vision in order to actually flash, or tune that particular ECM. Once a license is "applied" the Power Vision device will recognize that bike each time it is connected going forward, there is no limit to the amount of bikes you can license. Once generated, a Power Vision Tune License can be applied to any Power Vision unit, it is not device specific.
The Power Vision and your computer both need to have the latest updates before beginning the Tune License process. Plug the PowerVision into the computer you are going to use for this process, then run the PV Update Client (Start, Programs or All Programs, Power Vision, PV Update). Check each item on the list, the Installed Version needs to match the Latest Version. If any item does not match, click on that line, and then click on Download and Install Selected Updates button below. This will update that line item. Once all of the line items are up to date, you are ready to proceed. You will use the procedure outlined below to generate two files from the bike you want to generate the license for; a STK and a DiagnosticsHistory.txt. Once we receive these files a PV Tune License will be generated and emailed to you. This is offered as a same day service Monday-Friday, license requests that come in over the weekend are generated Monday morning.