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Text or Call GCC at (336) 303-0637‬!
Text or Call GCC at (336) 303-0637‬!

Brock's Performance Logo Plate 5.5in Green w/ Black Letters (Includes Rivets)


The Brock’s Performance logo plates have been specifically designed with an embossed design element that cannot be erased or scratched away. UV curable inks and UV clear coat provides protection against exposure to the elements and harsh environments. Manufactured in the USA, our 5.5" aluminum logo plates have been used for over 20 years and are displayed on most all of our exhaust systems. The 5.5” logo plates include 2 stainless steel rivets.

For high temperature applications, select the 'High Heat Application' option which includes a heat resistant silicone aluminum coating that can withstand temperatures up to 800°. Recommended on the Brock’s Performance TiWinder, Sidewinder, or any system where the baffle will be removed. Special washers are also included for TiWinder applications with the 'High Heat Application' option.