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TEXT or Call GCC at (336) 303-0637‬!
TEXT or Call GCC at (336) 303-0637‬!

GCC Revenge

Buy a custom set of ATC wheels or a single wheel. All wheels come with the hubs and sprocket. The total price of this product is calculated and shown above as you make selections for your wheels. These wheels take 5-7 weeks to ship unless they are Chrome which take 8-10 weeks.
Selections for this product:
Set or Single Wheel is the option to get a front and rear wheel as a set or to order a single wheel which is usually as a replacement for one in a set.
Bike is asked so the correct hubs will be included.
Size is the width of the wheel and is asked for the rear wheel in a set since a stock front wheel size is included and is the rear wheel width in a set.
Finish/Color is the selection of the Chrome Finish, Powder Coat of Gloss Black or else your choice from a large variety of Powder Coat colors. Please pick your color by clicking this link: Powder Coat Color Selection
Most PC colors are a One Coat color. However some are Two Coat which is more expensive. Click on the description of the color you want to determine if it is One Coat or Two Coat. Two Coat will be a section in the description as in the example below:
Clear American Sparkle is a clear coat with a fine blue, red, and silver sparkle. This color is a polyester top coat powder coat and has a high gloss finish.

Clear Metallic Two Coat Information: To achieve this color as shown, Ink Black PSS-0106 must be applied as a base coat. Our clear top coats are designed to enhance the appearance of each base coat.
Solid or Contrast Cut is whether you want a solid color or Contrast Cut means the wheel is cut after it is powder coated. The cut removes the powder coat color and exposes the silver metal. The silver metal can be painted over with a translucent paint to a selection of colors provided.
One Coat Color or Two Coat Color is where you will put the code for the Powder Coat color you selected from the website in Finish/Color.
Contrast Color is for the selection of the translucent color to put over the contrast cut silver portion of the wheel.